Fine Art Photo Prints

Our Fine Art prints can lock in that elegant and professional look you are searching for. Fine Art papers can be used for almost anything – displaying art, photos or reproductions. Their archival properties remain the distinct quality and the reason for Fine Art paper being the preferred print choice.

Sihl Masterclass Fine Art Paper

  • It is available in both textured and smooth finish
  • 100% cotton
  • Acid-free and OBA-free
All Fine Art prints are printed with a 1-inch border by default.
Do note that Fine Art papers are slightly off-white
Printed on 320gsm archival paper

Minimum resolution is 200-300 dpi depending on size.
For soft-proofing, please use the ICC profile here.

Frame not included. Email us if you would like to have your fine art print framed.

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Fine Art Pricing Table

30 x 40 cm: $25
40 x 50 cm: $34
50 x 70 cm: $52
61 x 91 cm: $74
12 x 18 inch $28
16 x 24 inch $40
20 x 30 inch $55
24 x 36 inch $75
A3 $26
A2 $40
A1 $68

Available in both a smooth and textured finish, you can choose which print is best at bringing out the quality and feel of your image.

smooth fine art surface
textured fine art surface
Fine art display two frame

The Sihl Masterclass Fine Art paper is 100% cotton, acid and OBA-free, which contribute to its highly sought after archival properties.

fine art photo print

All the Fine art prints come with a default 1 inch border on all 4 sides of the image.

Fine art display print

The Fine Art print adds an elegant touch to your environment – perfect for displaying art and your best photographs.

Fine Art FAQs

Why can fine art prints last so long?

To achieve archival properties, both ink and paper need to be of archival quality. Print For Fun uses only original pigment inks for its 12-ink printer which we use for fine art printing. Pigment inks have long print life and excellent colour stability, and can last over 200 years under the right conditions.
We also use archival fine art papers. These are heavyweight papers which are acid-free and do not contain OBAs (optical brightening agents). OBAs are chemicals containing artificial whiteners which make the paper look whiter than it is. However, it will fade over time and the printed image may no longer look the same. Our fine art papers are OBA-free, ensuring your print to look the same over decades.

What paper do you use?

We use Sihl Masterclass Fine Art Smooth and Textured papers for our fine art prints.
They are made of 100% cotton and are acid-free and OBA-free, ensuring your print’s longevity.
Both papers are 320gsm and a have a special coating that provide for excellent durability and a very high light stability. This means that colours will not fade and paper will not yellow over time. Colours are brilliant with superior contrast and deep rich blacks.

Why fine art printing?

Fine art printing is perfect for displaying art or photographs, with or without framing. These include family photos, portraits, landscapes or art work and reproductions. It ensures that colours are accurate and that the image remains viewable for many years to come. Even if you do not intend to display your prints, fine art printing allows you to store your images for decades – possibly even longer than a digital copy.

What is the difference between art prints and fine art prints?

Both our Art Prints and Fine Art Prints are matte papers which come in both smooth and textured finishes. However, the main difference is the archival quality of the Fine Art Prints, able to last much longer than the Art prints without fading and discolouration. You will also find that the Fine Art Prints are slightly off-white versus the bright-white Art Prints. This is because our Art Prints contain optical-brightening agents (OBAs) to make the paper whiter than usual. This may cause the paper to yellow over time. All in all, Art Prints are great and will display vibrant colours for displaying your photos and art. However, if you are looking for something that lasts decades without fading, you can choose Fine Art Prints instead.

Why are Fine Art Papers off-white?

Most white papers that you see in the market, including office paper, are bleached to make them bright white. These chemicals, also known as optical-brightening agents (OBAs), make the papers look brighter than normal, but only temporarily as it will turn yellow after a few years. Fine Art Papers do not contain OBAs and its whiteness is natural. As such, it is unable to appear as white as what we are used to seeing in white paper. Do note that this will affect slightly the appearance of your image as the background colour of your image will be off-white.