Jumbo Photostrips

Love themed consecutive photos, or a series of random photos? Our jumbo photostrips let you arrange four photos in either landscape or portrait format. For your portrait format, you can choose to washi tape your photostrip to your wall, or opt for a wooden hanger to “kiap” (read: to clip or hold in place) the photo, making it look like a scroll. Hang this up as wall decor and let it transport you back to the past - or anywhere else in the world!

Jumbo photostrips measure 8.5” x 34”
If you like to have a wooden hanger, you can get one here.
Printed on archival-quality 230gsm paper

Set of 1 for $25

Set of 2 for $46

Does not come with wooden hanger

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jumbo photostrips close up
jumbo photostrips
jumbo photostrips folded
jumbo photostrips landscape