Small Squares

Are you crazy about square photo prints? Unleash your creativity with these square prints which measure 3” by 3”, suitable for display and craft work. Many have printed out these square prints and form entire wall collages. Heart shapes, initials, jersey numbers and even dinosaurs...

Our small square prints are 3” by 3” with white border, each photo is 2 2/3” x 2 2/3”
Matte only
Printed on archival-quality 230gsm paper

1-19 pcs: $0.80
20-49 pcs: $0.60
50 pcs or more: $0.50
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Small squares laid next to notebook with calligraphy written on it
3 small squares held up against background of steps
Small square of hand held up against background of field next to reservoir
Small square of puppy held up against roadside background